What You Should Expect from Parking Lot Advisors in Chicago, IL

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Parking Consultant

Parking Lot Advisors

Are you looking for the industry’s leading parking lot advisors? This firm began as the first player in the industry to treat parking as an investment. Afterward, they delivered billions in value enhancement. Overall, this company has completed $25 billion in projects, and they manage $3 billion. Over the years, this company has honed its service offerings to only the most effective.

Transaction Support

This investment firm performs underwriting and diligence analyses. They do this for all acquisitions, dispositions, and development projects. Since they leverage their proprietary tools, they can project cash flows. Furthermore, they have insight into risks and upside opportunity identification.

Value Maximization Studies

Next, this company implements a value-add assessment to see where to focus their time. These studies result in actionable strategies, increasing operational income. Their staff conducts studies on the parking demand and supply. They can take this information and generate allocation roadmaps. Consequently, their partners can accurately forecast parking demand down the road.

Asset Management

This company’s asset management program seeks consistent value enhancement. The administrators look at benchmarks and key performance indicators to review progress. If they need to adjust strategies partially through a course of action, they are flexible. The program creators can also review financial and revenue controls. Finally, they can implement an action plan, driving results and creating transparency.

Vendor Selection

Issuing more technology and operator RFPs than anyone in the industry is impressive. This company can leverage its deep experience, local market knowledge, and wisdom. When they develop partnerships, it is with best-in-class companies.

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