How to Find Affordable Parking for Pike Place Market in Seattle

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Parking Consultant

Pike Place Market is a popular tourist destination and century-old farmer’s market. Every day, thousands of people weave their way through the stalls shopping for food, crafts, fish, and more! Whether one is a native Seattle resident or a tourist wanting to cross Pike Place Market off their bucket list, everyone has one thing in common. They’re on the hunt for affordable parking. Here are some things everyone should know about parking for Pike Place Market.

Is There Free Parking?

Pike Place Market doesn’t have free parking, but it does have cheap parking in two garages with. The going daily rate until 2 a.m. is five dollars, but one must curb their excitement because it’s not easy to secure a spot. Parking fills up fast, so if one is headed to the Market on a whim parking could be hard to find.

How to Secure a Spot Near the Market

Visitors to Pike Place Market can do themselves a huge favor and reduce the stress of finding parking by reserving a spot before they head out the door. Online parking websites allow visitors to purchase parking in advance and have a spot waiting for them. There are plenty of parking spots available near the Market including at the Market’s two parking garages.

Visitors who want to learn more about parking for Pike Place Market and secure parking in advance can reserve parking days or weeks in advance with Park Seattle.

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