Three Used Land Rover Cars For Sale Built To Last

Land Rovers are considered very tough, durable vehicles designed to retain these characteristics for years. When looking at used Land Rover cars for sale in Cherry Hill NJ, remember this is a consumer-tried company. The Land Rover/Range Rover has been marketed for more than five decades.

Built to Last

Used Land Rover cars for sale are available from diverse sources. From car lots in Cherry Hill NJ to online auctions centered in San Diego CA, these vehicles are a temptation to those who want to own a Land Rover but cannot afford a new one. Among the models and years to consider are the three provided below:

2011 Range Rover Evoque

This, the smallest SUV produced by Land Rover/Range Rover, was different from other SUVs. While the size was a factor, it was also its luxurious approach that, combined with off-road abilities, drew attention and refined the term SUV, extending its market to a broader audience.

2014 Range Rover Sport SVR

The launching of the Range Rover Sport SVR was a further incursion into altering the perception and reality of SUVs. Its powerful engine and off-road capabilities were designed to make other SUVs look like they were standing still.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport

Among the best, used Land Rover cars for sale is the 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport. A new model in 2015, it continued to improve its abilities in 2016. Comfortable with large passenger and cargo space, it was a high-tech loaded vehicle capable of delivering off-road adventures as a Land Rover/Range Rover should.

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