Getting a Top Notch Smog Check in Fairfield

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Automotive

Lots of people are a little confused when they first move to California and encounter our state vehicle emissions law. Basically, the “smog check” law governs the amount of pollution an individual vehicle is allowed to omit during operation. It covers both personal vehicles, state and federal vehicles, and industrial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and coaches. With more than 30 million vehicles on the road, California has one of the busiest roadway systems in America, and has regulated automobile emissions and output since the late 70s.

STAR Stations and Registration Renewal

If you have received your registration renewal form and are being referred to a smog check STAR station for smog test, you might be a little wonder why. STAR stations are stations that have an extra high standard of testing capability, and certain vehicles that are considered to likely polluters may be referred to the stations for an extra stringent test. Don’t think about trying to renew your registration without a smog certificate, because it will not be accepted without a valid copy on file with the DMV. A smog check only takes about 15 minutes, and your local Vacaville smog check station is clean and comfortable, and open extended hours seven days a week.

“But I have a newer model car!”

Your car doesn’t have to be an older vehicle in order to be referred to a STAR station for smog check. Yes, older cars are more likely to be referred, but certain vehicles, even if they are under six years old, are more likely to be referred for a STAR check even if they have not failed a previous smog check. Come down to your local Vacaville/Fairfield area smog check station for a quick and easy test of your vehicle.

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