Uses of Trailer Jacks in North Dakota

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Vehicles

Individuals who need trailers to haul their boats, ATV, lawn equipment, furniture, vehicles, or other types of heavy equipment will require a trailer jack. Owners of RVs also need a trailer jack since it helps to keep the vehicle level and stable thereby ensuring the effective operation of appliances within the RV.

Functions of Trailer Jacks

A trailer jack lowers or raises the trailer so that the coupler can be connected or disconnected from the hitch. When the trailer is not attached to a tow vehicle, a trailer jack keeps it in a level position and helps to stabilize the trailer for unloading and loading activities. There are a huge variety of Trailer Jacks in North Dakota and the function to be performed determines the type of trailer jack to purchase…for instance scissors jacks can be used beneath the camper’s front and back to stabilize an RV or livestock trailer.

Length of the Trailer Jack

Before purchasing Trailer Jacks in North Dakota, it is essential to check its length when in the extended and retracted position. When it is extended, the trailer jack should be able to raise the coupler to a height that is sufficient enough to clear the hitch ball. When retracted, the trailer jack should completely clear the ground to enable the vehicle move without any hindrance. To ensure that a trailer jack will work for a particular vehicle, one must measure the full height of the jack (starting from the bottom to its mounting point).

Weight Bearing Capacity

Before purchasing a trailer jack, an essential factor to consider is the trailer’s TW (tongue weight). The tongue weight of a trailer refers to the downward pressure exerted by the coupler on the hitch ball. In most cases, the tongue weight is 15% of the gross weight of the trailer (i.e., the trailer’s weight when it is fully loaded). The trailer jack must possess a weight-bearing capacity that surpasses or at least matches that of the trailer’s tongue weight.

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