Why Welding the Components in an Exhaust Repair Service in Carmel IN is Not Smart

by | Dec 30, 2015 | Auto Repair

An exhaust repair service in Carmel IN can include the muffler and the exhaust. These are two separate component pieces, and they have their own uses. Together, they function as the exhaust system to cycle air out and away from the vehicle. During an Exhaust Repair Service in Carmel IN, a professional will likely not weld the two pieces together like what is commonly done. It makes the installation a little easier, but there are issues with welding that could affect the customer at a later date.

Difficult Later Repairs

Any future repairs become a lot more arduous. For example, there may be an issue with the exhaust. But, that issue is more difficult to resolve because it is attached to the muffler. On a practical level, one has to get behind and around the muffler to get to the exhaust. It is not possible, or very difficult, to replace one part while keeping the other. They are welded together, and it requires extra work to separate them properly.

Misaligned Exhaust

An exhaust system can get misaligned surprisingly easy, and that repair is minor. If the exhaust was welded to the muffler, the alignment would only be more likely. Any drag or hit from the muffler can directly impact the exhaust. Furthermore, actually realigning the exhaust is easier if the muffler can simply be detached.

The Generic Combination

The total piece of a muffler and exhaust welded together is almost always a generic piece. It is an after-market modification and is not the original component for the vehicle. All vehicles have the exact manufacturer recommendation. The welded repairs are a spin-off of that original product.

Interestingly, all the above hurts the customer more than the shop. In some ways, it can actually benefit the shop. For example, a shop can charge more at a later date for handling welded mufflers. A quick misalignment may become an expensive proposition. Always try to get the muffler and the exhaust as separate pieces, and speak with the repair team to receive the details. Contact Us for reputable work that does not take advantage of unknowing customers.

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