What Is Vehicle Salvage All About?

Vehicle salvage is when parts are removed from junk cars in Chicago and reused, what is left after any and all reusable parts have been stripped from the vehicle are then disposed of, normally through recycling. This practice is undertaken at junk yards, it prevents the total waste of parts that are still serviceable and at the same time promotes environmental concern by recycling rather than disposal in overused landfill sites.

The biggest industry in the world is auto manufacturing, nothing is larger. Because of its size, the industry is also that which results in the most waste. If all the junk cars in Chicago were simply disposed of in landfills the burden would be one the environment could not tolerate. The salvage business is extremely important as it focuses on reusing vehicle parts that still function. It is thought that a full three quarters of the parts on a junk car can be salvaged; this is more than any other industry.

There are three phases to effective vehicle salvage. Phase one (pre-treatment) is where the vehicle is prepared for disassembly. At this point all the fluids are drained off; the oil, any fuel, the contents of the radiator are removed to ensure there is no leakage which eventually would seep into the groundwater. At this stage the battery, fuel tank and tires are taken off as well.

What has been taken away at this stage can be resold or recycled. The battery may still be good, the fuel tank can be cleaned and resold; tires can be sent for re-treading, sold as is or recycled into numerous forms including ground rubber for paving purposes or fuel for licensed power plants.

What is left of the junk cars in Chicago are now assessed, depending on the condition the parts can either be sold as is or sent to major companies that rebuild parts. Transmissions, motors, alternators and other similar parts are often rebuilt and sold directly to repair shops.

There are numerous parts that end up in the junk yard; complete front ends including the fenders and hood, bumpers, wheels, electronics, interior components, engines and much more are stripped and sold as is. Buying parts off junk cars in Chicago is far less expensive than buying them new; this allows many vehicle owners to keep the repair costs low, especially if they do the work themselves.

Once everything that can be removed and sold has been removed, what is left is shredded and crushed and sent for reprocessing into new metal, glass, etc.

Junk cars in Chicago may not be road worthy anymore but they certainly contain many parts which can be reused and recycled. If you wish to dispose of a junk car or buy used auto parts you are invited to visit Aero Auto Parts.

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