When the Color of the Exhaust Indicates a Need for Car Service in Topeka, KS

Car exhaust usually isn’t noticeable in regard to color. When a vehicle owner notices that the exhaust has taken on some color and no longer is clear, this can be worrisome. Depending on the hue, it may be time to bring the vehicle in for Car Service in Topeka KS. An automotive technician will diagnose the problem and provide an estimate for repair if any repair is actually necessary.


It’s common for the exhaust to be more noticeable when temperatures are very cold. White vapor tends to spew from the tailpipe. This is particularly obvious when several vehicles are idling at a traffic light. It also is a common sight in a parking lot where drivers are warming up the car after work or don’t want to shut the vehicle off during a quick sprint into a convenience store. This is normal for a cold engine.

Unfortunately, white exhaust on warm days may indicate a serious problem with the engine. This color can develop when coolant leaks into the engine, and the owner may already have noticed the odor of antifreeze when the vehicle is running.


Black exhaust signals a problem but, usually, the issue is relatively minor. The priciest fix would probably involve replacing a leaking fuel injector, but that is not considered major engine repair. Another possibility is a malfunctioning fuel pressure regulator.


When exhaust turns blue, the color indicates that the engine is burning oil instead of using it properly. Engine repair will be necessary, or the owner risks eventual engine failure. However, blue exhaust tends to a less serious symptom than white on a warm day.


A vehicle owner may notice smoky exhaust but discover that the substance isn’t coming out of the tailpipe. Leaking oil can travel down the exhaust system and drip down onto the pipe, causing smoke as it hits the hot metal. Bringing the vehicle in for Car Service in Topeka KS, promptly is important, as this is a fire hazard.

Mechanics with a dealership such as Bolton Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep are ready to provide assistance.

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