Tips for Getting a Reimbursement for Auto Glass Repair

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Windshields and Glass

Cracked, chipped, and broken windshields are the most common auto glass problems. Gravel, sand, falling branches, and vandalism can severely damage a windshield. Repairs and replacement can be expensive, but drivers can visit the website and follow these tips to get insurance reimbursement for some or all of the cost of repairs from Harmon Auto Glass.

Understanding Coverage for Glass Repair

If a car’s windshield or another glass is damaged for any reason besides a collision, the driver’s comprehensive coverage will likely pay for repairs. However, this coverage is optional and those who don’t have it may have to pay everything out of pocket. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage arising from vandalism, fire, storms, and collision with animals. Drivers should ask whether their insurer includes windshield replacement and repair in comprehensive insurance coverage.

Think About the Deductible

Before making a claim, the driver should compare the job’s cost with the size of their deductible. If the deductible is substantially less than the repair cost, it’s worthwhile to file a claim. Some insurers allow for auto glass replacement without a deductible, but these policies typically cost more.

Effects on Auto Insurance Premiums

In many cases, a glass damage claim not resulting from a collision will not increase the driver’s insurance rate, but it varies by insurer. Drivers should reconsider making an insurance claim if the repair cost is only slightly higher than the deductible. Claims become part of one’s insurance record, and multiple claims increase perceived risk and impact renewal rates.

Getting it Fixed

The next step is to get the damage repaired and to submit the insurance claim for reimbursement. Many insurers offer two auto glass repair options: drivers can take their cars to a preferred provider or to a repair shop of their choosing. The second option typically comes with a reimbursement limit, and those who choose a repair shop should select one that meets the standards of the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council.

The easiest way drivers can ensure that their auto glass is repaired in a timely and inexpensive manner is to first consult their auto insurer and get recommendations for reliable repair shops like Harmon Auto Glass. Retaining receipts for repairs can make the reimbursement process much simpler.

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