When It’s Time for an Auto Tune-Up in Arizona

One of the most favorite things we like about our vehicles is a smooth-running engine. If it can’t be heard or felt when idling, then that puts many of us in car nirvana. However, our peace of mind fades as all vehicles eventually need a tune-up. Following are some tips to help you know it’s time to look for the best auto tune-ups service in Arizona offers.

Vehicle Stalls

It’s time for a tune-up when your vehicle develops a pattern of stalling. Several factors produce stalls, including bad engine timing, spark plugs, a dirty carburetor, and more. A professional auto repair facility will diagnose and repair any of these issues.

Unusual Vibrations

If you feel your engine producing a vibrating sensation as it travels over smooth surfaces, then it’s time for a check-up. Engine vibrations usually result from a need for a tune-up, but it can reflect other issues that should be looked at by a mechanic.


When your vehicle idles and your feel a very faint popping sensation, then it’s likely your spark plugs are misfiring. Spark plugs have a shelf life, and their internal components eventually wear down as they handle electrical charges in a heated environment. This may be the basis of your vehicle’s misfiring, and a tune-up includes fresh spark plugs.

When your engine knocks, visit us, we’re not just about transmissions. We provide other expert repairs for your vehicle.

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