Top-of-the-line Horse Trailers in the Jefferson County, MO, Area.

If you’re looking for horse trailers tor sale in Jefferson County, MO, you have several options. You might want trailers that are custom designed or refurbished for living quarters or trailers just for horses or just about any other kind of livestock. Let’s look at what’s available.

Aluminum Horse Trailers

Aluminum is a popular design for its ability to hold up against rough weather and road conditions, and it makes towing a smooth ride.

Livestock and Stock Trailers

These are certainly built to be tough and get the job done. Livestock and stock combo trailers can be customized to handle any animal, whether it’s cattle or horses to the fair or rodeo or even deer or other livestock. They can also handle add-on living quarters.

Custom Trailers

Built to carry one horse or even twelve, these trailers are set up to meet your individual specifications. From interior to exterior, custom trailers are designed and built to provide comfortable and safe conditions for your horses in any terrain or road conditions.

Select Model Trailers

Select models come with living quarters with plenty of room, including sofa sleepers, lots of storage space and full kitchen and bath amenities. They are also equipped with adaptable and roomy horse areas. Each trailer can be built according to unique design needs.

Conversion Trailers

Conversions are not just clearing a horse trailer for living space. They’re complete custom living quarters designed and implemented by experienced specialists and followed up by a comprehensive inspection and after-sale service.

When looking for horse trailers for sale in Jefferson County, MO, SOM Trailers is just minutes south of St. Louis. Come by in-person or visit, we are an extensively factory-trained outlet with a wide selection of in-demand trailers and no-stress financing.

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