What Types of Support is Found at the Local Machine Shop in San Antonio, TX?

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Automotive

There are times when it makes sense to repair rather than replace motors and other types of mechanical equipment. When an expert indicates that some type of work to an existing component will produce the desired results, it pays to find out what the local Machine Shop in San Antonio TX can do. Here are some of the services that are likely to be offered.

Resurfacing Parts and Equipment

In some instances, resurfacing a component will allow the owner to continue using the part for several more years. A professional at the local Machine Shop in San Antonio TX will be able to determine if this approach would improve the efficiency of the component and provide the benefits that the client hopes to receive.

Making Adjustments to the Crankshaft

Instead of junking an older crankshaft, find out if it’s possible to make some changes and continue to use if for a few more years. A strategy known as crankshaft grinding is often all it takes to restore a reasonable level of performance. This approach can save the customer a lot of money, since it eliminates the need to purchase a replacement or pay as much in labor costs.

Arranging for a Valve Job

Valve jobs involve adjusting and possibly resurfacing the valves and the seats to ensure that they will control the air and fuel mixture more efficiently. This helps to reduce general wear and tear on the engine, and also increases the fuel efficiency. This approach is especially helpful when the owner of a vintage vehicle would like to keep the equipment as original as possible.

Flywheel Cutting or Grinding

Flywheels are common components in many types of machinery, including motors. It’s possible to use cutting or grinding to restore the function of an older flywheel, provided that it’s in relatively decent shape. The process of making a couple of enhancements will cost less than the purchase and installation of a new flywheel.

There are many other things that a machine shop can do. Click Here to learn more about the range of services offered and how the professionals at the shop can help with many different mechanical issues.

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