The Importance of Proper Tire Care for Your Car

When you get inside your car to start the day, tires may be the farthest thing from your mind. After all, you may have medical bills, mortgage payments or next Saturday night on your mind. However, you should take a few minutes time every now and then to check on your tires. Here are some helpful tire care tips from your auto repair professionals in Columbia SC.

Tire Inflation

It is very important to make sure your car tires are at the proper inflation levels and you should check them on a regular basis. This is very important during cold weather as cold air can actually zap air from your tires.

Did you know properly inflated tires will give you better fuel efficiency? This is yet another reason to keep tires inflated. Also, under inflated or over inflated tires will wear much faster. For example, too much air places excessive wear on the center of the tread pattern. Too little air and the edges of the tire will wear out quickly. When you bring your car to your auto repair professionals in Columbia SC for routine service, they will check tire inflation and many other things.

Tips for Adding Air to Your Tires

  • Every week or so, check tires with a tire gauge. If it is more than two pounds below the required amount, then add more air. This should always be done when the car has been sitting for some time and the tires are cool. If you check tires right after driving, they have expanded from the heat generated by friction and may read several pounds more than when cold.
  • Be very careful not to lose your valve stem caps. With many newer cars, these caps contain air pressure sensors which let you know when a tire is low.
  • Every few months, go to the trunk and check your spare tire. If it is a space saver spare you may need to put in about 60 pounds of pressure.

Rotating Tires
You should have your tires rotated about every 7,000 miles. If you change the oil at about 3500 miles, this can be done on every other oil change. Rotating the tires helps them wear more evenly and can add many miles to their lives. Your auto repair service in Columbia SC can help you with your tire maintenance and inspect tires for signs of unusual wear. This could mean there is a problem with the steering or suspension system.

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