What To Know Before Buying Used Cars For Sale From Private Owners

Today, thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever for vehicle owners in Newark, NJ, and across the state to sell their vehicle privately. Websites that offer listings of used cars for sale may seem to have some terrific prices, but this is a “buyer beware” purchase.

There are several reasons to buy from a dealership rather than choosing a vehicle from a used cars for sale website, online auction, or classified listing. Understanding the risks of buying any vehicle through a private sale can help first-time and experienced car buyers to avoid costly mistakes.

Private Seller Pricing

Private sellers typically use comparable prices to what they see on online listings from dealerships of used cars for sale in the Newark, NJ, area. They often use the price of certified pre-owned vehicles on the lot, which are newer models with low mileage and a full inspection.

Of course, the used cars for sale by private owners have not been inspected. They are often outside of the criteria to be sold as a certified pre-owned, and they do not carry the warranty and roadside assistance that is offered by a dealership as part of the package.

Mechanical Condition and Maintenance Record

Private sellers are not likely to provide buyers with information on specific issues with the vehicle. They are also likely to overstate the regular maintenance and upkeep on the car, or they may not be aware of all issues if it was purchased used.

By going through the dealership, a Carfax report is provided free of charge, allowing the buyer to see the details of the vehicle, including past owners, service history, and use of the vehicle.

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