Understanding Your Vehicles Suspension System and Jacksonville Area Repairs

One of the often-overlooked repairs on a car can be the vehicle suspension system. While these systems generally last a long time, there are things that can cause problems that will create a premature need for repairs.

Towing and Heavy Weight Capacity

One of the biggest causes of damage to a vehicle suspension system is using the vehicle for towing or using the vehicle to carry heavy cargo. Because these types of uses put a more significant burden on the suspension systems, the need for repairs is more frequent. Vehicles that are used for business that require towing such as a landscaped business or those that use their vehicle to tow boats, ATV’s and recreation vehicles will often require vehicle suspension repair in Jacksonville, FL, every 30,000 to 50,000 miles depending on the frequency of towing.

Age, Wear and Tear, Rust and Tire Rotation

As with all vehicle repairs, the vehicle’s age can play a significant role in the need for vehicle suspension work. Other causes for vehicle suspension repairs include high mileage, premature rust, and lack of proper care of vehicle tires. Each of these can strain the vehicle’s suspension system and create a need for suspension repairs. If you are in need of vehicle suspension repair in Jacksonville, FL, Big Chief Tire Company of Jacksonville performs a wide variety of tire, brake, and suspension repairs. Services include brake pad and brake system repairs, wheel alignments, shocks, struts, driveshaft repairs, and axle/CV joint repairs. You can learn more about their services at www.bigchieftire.com.

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