Stop Those Screeching Brakes: Schedule an Auto Brake Repair in Columbia, MO

If you hear your brakes screeching at a low rate of speed, you need to head over to the mechanic immediately. Use the sound as your clue that you need to have your car’s brakes fixed. However, don’t wait until you hear the ear-splitting sound. Take care of the matter as soon as possible.

Silence the Noise

When brakes are fixed, they are usually represented by disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the back. Other vehicles may have four-wheel disc brakes. Regardless of the placement, you should never hear grating sounds coming from the back brakes. You will find that an auto brake repair in Columbia, MO can silence this issue overnight.

Excess Wear

Both the rear brakes and front brakes work in a similar fashion. However, rear brakes are made so the brake fluid moves a caliper that comes into contact with two smaller pads. The pads for the front are larger, as most of the stopping power is focused on the front. Therefore, an auto brake repair that involves the back brakes can result from excess wear.

For example, the brake pads could be worn, or the shoes could be damaged, if your car features drum brakes. If you notice that your brakes are grinding, the metal backing plate from the brake pads is touching the rotor. An auto brake repair may also be in order if the caliper bolt is missing or damaged. The calipers are designed so they are held together with bolts. When one of the bolts gets damaged or is lost, the caliper will rub against the car’s wheel.

Don’t Drive an Unsafe Vehicle – Get Your Brakes Repaired Now

You can learn more about brake repair when you contact a business, such as Dents Unlimited. Don’t let the screeching or grinding sound continue. Make an appointment now to have the problem resolved. The sooner you take care of a brake issue, the sooner you can drive your car with more confidence.

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