Five Reasons to Visit the Dealership for Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Many drivers who buy a new or certified pre-owned vehicle believe that they don’t have to maintain it regularly. However, even well-kept cars need regular service. Here, you’ll learn a few reasons to schedule regular Ford service in Buffalo Grove.

Increased Safety

Poor vehicle maintenance leads to thousands of crashes every year. Though most people blame bad driving habits, many accidents occur because of worn or faulty brakes, bad tires and old windshield wipers. Be sure that you, your family and other drivers are safe; schedule regular service checks.

Lower Ownership Cost

Though it seems counter-intuitive, you may be able to reduce ownership costs by investing in maintenance. With routine Ford service in Buffalo Grove, you can keep minor problems from turning into major (and costly) malfunctions.

Higher Resale Value

Most buyers want pre-owned vehicles in good condition and they invest a great deal of effort in learning a car’s service history. With regular service and organized records, you can prove that your car hasn’t had any problems, which is a strong selling point.

Less Pollution

Vehicle emissions are a direct contributor to worldwide pollution. However, vehicles that have been properly maintained produce fewer toxic emissions that contaminate the air and the water supply.

Reducing Roadside Emergencies

There’s nothing more frustrating than being stranded with an inoperable vehicle, especially if you’re running late. With regular Ford service in Buffalo Grove, you will stay on the road while saving on rental cars, towing fees and other expenses.

Though modern vehicles are designed for years of reliable service, like all other machines, they need regular maintenance. With regular service at a Ford dealership, you can keep your car, truck or SUV road-worthy for many years to come. Visit us at to view our inventory or call Arlington Heights Ford today to schedule service.

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