How to Find a Reliable Car Repair Shop

Who better than the professionals and experts of Consumer Reports to explain just how to find the most reliable auto body repair shop and maintenance service? When asked how a consumer might go about locating the best provider of such services, they made the following recommendations:

  • Understand the differences between repair and maintenance – Routine care will be listed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual and you can work with the team at the auto body repair shop to get on a good schedule of service and upkeep. When it is a repair, it is an unexpected problem or issue, and you will want to work with a company that can tackle it without delay. This should not affect the warranty in any way, but you still want to work with the most highly trained techs.
  • Work with up to date facilities – The auto body repair shop should have “access to the manufacturer’s latest technical service bulletins (TSBs), which are instructions on how to fix common problems with a particular model.” If not, ask about Icar trained techs and Icar shop ratings to determine if the team can do the kind of work needed.
  • Find out about their reputation – The BBB or Better Business Bureau is a great spot to begin learning about any specific auto body repair shop, but you also want to look at websites to see what their actual clients are willing to go on the record saying about them. Ask around to see if friends, family or co-workers know about them and what else they have heard.
  • Don’t wait until an accident – While you can always have maintenance done at a traditional garage when it is an auto body shop in Denver, you may not be able to know much about them without also experiencing the service for yourself. That means doing a “tryout” before any major work is done. Maybe a bit of paintless dent repair or an estimate on a small issue? This lets you get a taste of what to expect and helps you have a good shop lined up should you ever need one.
  • Find out about warranties – Only the best shops extend lifetime warranties on their work.

You can now tackle the job of identifying a good repair shop or just cut to the chase and use BJs Auto Theft & Collision, which has provided Denver and Aurora area with high quality, reputable services for years.

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