Why Outsource Fleet Services in Folsom?

Businesses that rely on a fleet of vehicles to conduct daily operations have a few options when it comes to Fleet Services in Folsom. Taxi companies, executive transport services, limousine services, and even rental companies can hire a mechanic and maintain a small repair area. That can be expensive, but will save time and money over time.

Sending vehicles out to a repair shop for maintenance and any needed repairs may be more cost-effective for smaller businesses, but will still be expensive in the long run. The added expense is due to hiring a manager to keep track of when each vehicle has to be serviced. Since services are required at different times, it can get to be complicated.

Outsource Maintenance to Save Time and Money

Arranging a contract with a local service center for Fleet Services Folsom is easier and more cost-effective then the other two options. A mechanic can check the odometers at specific intervals to determine which vehicles need what type of maintenance. That will keep the entire fleet operating at maximum efficiency.

Preventative maintenance will also prolong the life of each vehicle and protect warranties. The process of maintenance is more than an oil change and an annual tune up. Depending on the make and model of the vehicles, as well as the amount of usage, maintenance is required much more often than a personal vehicle.

Required Maintenance

Oil changes are recommended every three thousand miles. Fuel system service and replacement of cabin filters need to be conducted every fifteen-thousand miles. Air filters should be replaced during every other oil change. Tune ups are typically done every twelve-thousand miles.

Tires need to be rotated, alignments are needed, and the air pressure has to be checked frequently. Brakes and transmissions have to be periodically inspected. Timing belts have to be replaced at either sixty, one-hundred, or one-hundred and twenty-thousand miles.

Services for All Vehicles

Many transportation businesses feature foreign vehicles. People who rent, for example, like to splurge on a sports or luxury car. Executives are often accustomed to luxury vehicles, such as Audi, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce. Business owners can contact B&J Body Shop for details on fleet maintenance for domestic and foreign cars.

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