How to Find a Good Auto Towing Service

When motorists are stranded on a busy highway, or even in their driveway, they want an auto towing service they can count on. They want to find a service that offers quick response times and has friendly and experienced technicians that will service their vehicle and get it back on the road. They want to be able to find a service that has 24-hour availability and will even reduce their prices if the truck doesn’t arrive at the quoted time. is an example of East County San Diego’s premier towing and recovery service. They offer rapid roadside assistance, and if they can’t get a stranded car started, they’ll tow it to wherever the owner needs it taken to. If the owner wants it repaired, the car can go straight to USA Towing and Recovery’s repair shop where ASE Certified mechanics will get it fixed quickly.

One of the first things a stranded motorist needs to know is if their insurance company offers a 24-hour roadside assistance programs. There are also dedicated roadside assistance insurance carriers so a motorist needs to know what towing coverage they have. If they do have towing coverage of any sort, they should be sure that the contact number and policy numbers are inside of their car. Letting any family members who may drive the car know this information is a good idea as well. This information can streamline the process and make everything so much easier for all involved.

When a car is disabled and an auto towing service needs to be called, the owner or operator should have all pertinent info ready prior to making the call. This will help the tow company send out the right truck. If there is a recreational vehicle or a trailer that an owner needs towed, tell the tow company up front about it. The more professional tow companies usually have the latest heavy-duty towing vehicles that can haul significant weights for long distances and do so efficiently and safely. If it is an older car that is stranded and needs to be towed, owners may even want to ask the tow company if they’d be interested in buying it. Sometimes, the owner will be surprised that a company will gladly tow their car and give them cash back! You can also follow them on Twitter.

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