A Consumer’s Guide to Servicing Auto Gauges in Tucson AZ

Your vehicle is a precision machine. It doesn’t matter if you drive a car or truck, a motor-home or motorcycle, the key to keeping your vehicle moving is knowing what’s going on under the hood. For most of us, our gauges are our first indication that something has gone wrong. Keeping our instruments working properly becomes a top priority, especially in extreme conditions.

When you need service or repairs, trust trained professionals. Finding someone who can reliably fix and replace the complex mechanisms that make up tachometers, speedometers, odometers and mileage converters can not only be challenging but also expensive. Let the professionals at Dick’s Speed-O-Tach diagnose and service all you Auto Gauges in Tucson AZ. Know that you are in the right hands, with over eighty-five years of combined experience analyzing and repairing instrument panels in almost every make and model available.

Whether you bought an American SUV or imported a European sports car, the technicians at Dick’s have a history of solving every problem and getting their customers back on the road as quick as possible. They rapidly diagnose and address any issues, repairing and replacing components for every major brand and manufacturer. The shop is equipped to handle almost any vehicle, from motorcycles and vintage autos all the way to recreational vehicles and motor-homes. Cars and trucks made by any American manufacturer, as well as European and Asian imports, can be rapidly diagnosed and most parts are already held on site. Many repairs can be done in as little as two hours. That means you can be back out on the road and on your way without wasting your time.

Dick’s offers the highest quality service, solid customer satisfaction, and a wide range of services available. If you need Auto Gauges in Tucson AZ, look no further than Dick’s. This family owned shop offer highly competitive rates and has a great reputation for honest work. They also have a certified dynamometer available, for help settling disputed speeding fines and accurately calibrating your speedometer. Whether you need tachometer repairs, cruise control components, distance measuring equipment, ratio adapters or your speedometer calibrated, Dick’s Speed-O-Tach will get the job done.

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