Facts About A UTV Track System

UTVs can be a lot of fun to ride, but even experienced riders may not know the benefits a track system can bring. Here are some facts on why installing a UTV Track System may be the best idea yet to heighten the pleasure.

Ride Wide Open

Track systems greatly increase exactly where the vehicle can be driven. Whether it be in harsh winter snow, deep muddy mountainsides or just through sand dunes, the UTV will never need to be parked for any season. No matter what time of year it is, the UTV can be enjoyed with family and friends. Tracks enable the UTV to be maneuvered across streams or creeks, meaning not even the woods will be able to stop a determined driver.

Gear Reduction

One thing the driver should be aware of however is the gear ration will be reduced when installing a UTV Track System. Many users report instances of regularly driving 50 mph in certain terrain but only being able to drive at about 25 mph to 30 mph after installing the tracks. However, if the terrain is very rough or you are riding in “a big country”, it is much better to drive slow and steady than not to be able to drive at all.

Increased Maneuverability

By installing a track system on a utility vehicle, the maneuverability is increased exponentially. The effort takes to steer is greatly reduced as well as the profile for turning. When it comes to ease of driving in tight or precarious spots, installing a track system is hands down the best idea for a utility vehicle owner. Also, the noise emanating from a track system is far less than that generated by traditional tires. If the utility vehicle is being used for tracking animals through the woods or in a hunting situation, this could be of great benefit.

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