3 Car Suspension Facts

Every component of your car is important. One part helps another operate correctly. When every facet of your automobile is working efficiently, each facet stays healthier, longer. The suspension of your car, for example, has more than one job. It is important that it remains optimized, at all times, and if you need suspension repair near Tinley Park, professionals are at your disposal.

Here are three car suspension facts to consider.

What are the Responsibilities of a Car’s Suspension?

Your vehicle’s suspension is charged with the task of managing the friction between the tires and the road. It also ensures the driver can steer the vehicle in a comfortable manner so rides are smooth. When the suspension is healthy, the driver has the most control over the car. The power of the car is a great add-on when the suspension is doing its job well, first. Maneuverability of car is important because roads are not even. New roads have slight imperfections to the eye, but to a car, every crack and hole is a big deal.

The Engineering of a Car’s Suspension

Car engineers take a scientific approach when they design a vehicle. In terms of the suspension, they consider the quality of the car’s ride and handling as well as road isolation, holding and cornering. The goal is to ensure the vehicle can handle turning a curve, absorbing impact and ensuring it can make contact with the road throughout its trip.

Components of a Car’s Suspension

Your car’s suspension is made up of the frame, suspension system and steering system as well as the tires and wheels. There are also springs and dampers. Cars have two types of suspension systems – dependent and independent.

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