Certification – Providing Protection To Purchasers Of Used Cars

Buying used cars is a means of providing quality and affordable transportation. However, with the potential for fraud and lemon issues, consumers need to find means of protecting themselves. Likewise, dealerships in used cars need to take measures to reassure the public. One method that works on behalf of both parties is certification. Certified used or pre-owned vehicles acts to protect the rights of consumers and enhances the reputation of authorized used car dealerships in places such as Bridgeton NJ.


Certified used or pre-owned cars is a term that refers to vehicles that have undergone an inspection, refurbishing and/or other close examination by specific certification authorities – including the original manufacturer. Private sales cannot promise a certified used car. Authorized dealerships can and do.

What Are the Benefits/Advantages?

If you are considering certified used cars, you are looking at several advantages. These vehicles generally offer the following:

  • Condition: Only those that fall into such very good to excellent condition, including a clean vehicle history report can gain acceptance by the manufacturer or other certifying body
  • Inspection: This is not a singular process but one that is multi-point. The inspection covers on average 200 or more parts. If the vehicle falls below the standards, it may undergo reconditioning to meet the necessary requirements.
  • Warranty: Depending upon the certification process, the warranty may be an extension of the original one or a modification.
  • Financing: While more expensive than non-certified vehicles, in many instances, certified vehicles can qualify for lower financing rates. Some certified used vehicles in Bridgeton NJ might also benefit from free roadside existence for a specified time as well as free maintenance.

Certified Used Cars

Many Americans are choosing to buy certified used cars. In Bridgeton NJ, they find the benefits outweigh the extra costs associated with the purchase. Before you consider this option, look at what each CPO program has to offer.

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