Why Wheeling Drivers Love The Ford Fusion

There are a lot of different midsized cars on the market, each offering unique features and options. One of the most popular vehicles in this size range is the Ford Fusion, and they are highly rated by both owners as well as vehicle critics.

The choice of the Fusion for Wheeling drivers has a dual focus on both style, as well as comfort. These are vehicles that are highly rated for driver comfort as well as performance, and they are a vehicle that is easy to drive for long distance travel, but sporty enough to also be ideal for commuting, running errands and driving around town.

Interior Features

The Ford Fusion can comfortably seat five adults, and it offers both head and legroom in the front and back seats. The interior is well designed, and the recent year models offer an infotainment system that is big, easy to navigate, and provides all the features and functions drivers need.

As with all vehicles on the market, there is a range of different trim packages, allowing the buyer to choose the package that suits their preferences as well as their budget. Surround sound, moonroof, and a range of different wheels allow you to customize the vehicle to add your own style.

Options to Consider

In the new models of the Ford Fusion, buyers in Wheeling can choose from two different options in the EcoBoost engines, as well as a plug-in hybrid and a hybrid model. All of the models come with Intelligent all-wheel drive, which adds to the handling of the vehicle under all driving conditions.
The new model of the Fusion offers great fuel economy, which varies based on the specific model and engine selected. With driver-assist features for safety as well as a voice-activated SYNC system, this is a vehicle that really does offer it all.

To learn more about the Ford Fusion, or take a test drive in Wheeling, talk to the team at Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn. For more information or to compare options and features, see our inventory at website

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