Why the Volkswagen TDI Diesel Engine is Getting So Much Attention

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Auto Blogonline

While there are a handful of Volkswagen TDI engines, the one that seems to be gaining the most popularity as of late is the 2.0L turbo diesel. Many people have good things to say about it. Probably the best feature about it is how fuel efficient it is. If you’ve been looking for a fuel efficient vehicle, Volkswagen hit the nail on the head with their diesel TDI. With so many current customers raving about it, they all can’t be wrong. Want to know more about the Volkswagen TDI diesel engine? Keep reading.

What Does the Gas Mileage Really Look Like?

Volkswagen has gotten a lot of attention surrounding the gas mileage of the TDI diesel engine. When the 2.0L turbo diesel engine was tested for submission for top 10 engines, the fuel economy was measured at a 35.3 MPG average. With so many people turning to hybrid vehicles to save on gas, this even blew the hybrids out of the water when it comes to gas mileage. Anyone who is a daily driver or drives out of town frequently would be impressed with how far a tank of gas will go during their travels. With the economy not being in great standing, this fuel economy definitely helps people to save money.

What Are Some of the Other Specs?

Gas mileage does have a lot to do with whether people are inclined to purchase a vehicle, but knowing more about the engine is always a plus. So, what are some of the other specs of this Volkswagen TDI diesel engine? The 2.0 turbodiesel gets 140 horsepower, which is accompanied with 236lb-ft of torque. Getting 30MPG in the city and 42 on the highway with these kinds of specs makes this a very sound engine that would satisfy any owner. There is no need to worry about this engine because it meets the emissions standards in all of the 50 states in the US.

With an engine built to save on gas mileage while having good power definitely speaks volumes. The Volkswagen TDI diesel would be a good fit for anyone, but especially those who drive a lot. People with lengthy work commutes would benefit a lot from owning one of these. Anyone who likes to take trips out of town and doesn’t like to fly would be pleased to drive the TDI diesel anywhere. Any of the TDI models are good, but people are really liking the 2.0L turbodiesel, and with good reason.

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