Why Buying Pre-Owned Is Smart

Don’t pass up on those pre-owned cars that Crestwood customers sometimes overlook. Thinking that new is the best way to buy, so many people simply overlook all of the advantages of buying pre-owned. That’s a big mistake. For so many people, it would be better on the budget to buy used. However, the smart way to buy pre-owned is to really make sure that those pre-owned cars have been inspected and that the vehicle history is free of accidents that affect the long-term usefulness of the vehicle.

Pre-owned cars near Crestwood are always available at Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn, a reputable dealer that believes in giving their customers full vehicle histories and the assurance that every pre-owned vehicle on the lot has been inspected by certified mechanics. Perhaps the first reason to buy used is that the vehicle is going to have a lower down payment and lower monthly payment. They have great payment calculators that you can use to find out how much money you can save by buying pre-owned.

Even vehicles from the last 5 years are going to have advanced safety and driver-assist features, as well as connectivity technology that keeps up with the time. A used vehicle is going to depreciate in value slower than a new car, which can generally lose up to 40% of its value in the first year alone. And that’s great news for pre-owned car buyers! When you buy used, you’re still going to grab some of the latest technology without paying new car prices.

If you want to buy a pre-owned vehicle, you can also look to buy certified pre-owned and grab an extended warranty on top of it for greater peace of mind. Anyone looking to buy pre-owned should head over to Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn – website – and see their massive inventory of pre-owned vehicles.

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