Why a Timely Oil Filter Replacement in Chesapeake VA Matters

Many automobile owners understand that having the oil changed, at least, a couple times each year is important for engine maintenance. What they may not realize is that the Oil Filter Replacement in Chesapeake VA is just as important. Here are some points to keep in mind when the idea of getting by with an older filter seems like a way to save money.

Capturing Contaminants

One of the main functions of the oil filter is to prevent contaminants from getting into the working parts of the engine. Contaminants can lower overall efficiency and increase wear and tear on key engine parts. Since even the best filter will only work for so long, it makes sense to replace the oil filter every time the oil is changed. Doing so can be viewed as a good way to avoid engine repairs that can cost a great deal of money.

Improving Performance

Using a high quality oil filter will mean better engine performance. The vehicle will have a more efficient pickup and be less likely to stall. The right oil filter promotes more efficient circulation of the oil, which in turn helps to keep key components properly lubricated. As a result, the engine will work at an optimum level and be less likely to leave the driver stranded by the side of the road.

Better Gas Mileage

Anything that helps the engine to remain in good shape and perform more efficiently will help the gas mileage. Choosing to have the filter replaced every time the oil is changed does not cost a lot, but it will save a great deal in terms of gasoline consumption. That benefit is sure to please anyone who would like to go for a longer period before having to pull into a gas station.

For more information about oil filters and how to choose the right one, browse our website and check out the information provided. After reading through the material, there will be no doubt about how important the filter is to the maintenance of the engine, and why an Oil Filter Replacement in Chesapeake VA is in the best interests of the car owner.

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