When Should You Replace or Repair a Tire in Jacksonville, FL?

It never happens at a convenient time. You’re on your way to work or school, and you hear the sound of a blowout or a flat tire. These situations are frustrating, and the process of getting tire repair in Jacksonville, FL, can be a long one. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding on repair vs. replacement.

Are Tire Plugs an Option?

Tire plugs are made of malleable rubber that, when stuck into a punctured tire, will expand and hold air in. They’re a temporary fix, not a permanent tire repair solution. It is safe to drive on a plugged tire for a short while, until you can get to a shop. Tire plugs are only intended for use on the tread, not near or on the sidewalls.

Replacing a Damaged Tire

No one wants to pay to replace a tire with plenty of life left in it. However, safety is the most important factor. Your tires are where the rubber meets the road, and a tire’s repairability depends on the nature, placement, and severity of the damage. If your tire’s sidewall is damaged, the tread is separated, or there’s a hole more than one-quarter of an inch in diameter, tire repair in Jacksonville, FL, is no longer an option.

Get the Tire Repair and Replacement Services You Need

The most important thing for Jacksonville drivers to keep in mind is that all tire damage poses safety risks and should be addressed right away. A vehicle’s tires should be regularly checked for wear and damage. While it’s safest to replace a damaged tire, repairs are sometimes possible. Visit https://bigchieftire.com to schedule service.

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