When Is It Time for a Brake Oil Change in White Bear Lake MN?

Interestingly, vehicle owners in Europe are significantly more likely to get the brake fluid changed on occasion compared with vehicle owners in the United States. It’s understandable that a U.S. resident who buys an import car may hear advice to get a brake oil change in White Bear Lake MN and be confused as to why. Yet getting engine oil changes is a standard practice here and one practically nobody would think of avoiding altogether. Getting the radiator flushed and replacing the old coolant at least every few years also is recommended. For best results, getting the brake fluid changed after the first three years of a vehicle’s manufacture and then again every two or three years is advisable.

Brake oil is stored in a reservoir on top of the master cylinder. Some of the fluid containers are opaque and some can be seen through. The translucent containers are more convenient because a person can see whether or not the fluid level is low just by looking at it.

As with engine oil, brake oil is cycled around through a system in the car. It can easily pick up contaminants and become dirty and less effective. Brake fluid also gradually absorbs water, which can happen for various reasons. Driving during rain or snow, or through a car wash, can lead to water getting inside the wheels. Consider how low to the ground the brakes are and how often they are used just in one short trip.

A spongy brake pedal can be a warning sign that the fluid level in the master cylinder is low or that the cylinder is malfunctioning. However, it also can simply be a sign that it’s time for a brake oil Change in White Bear Lake MN. The technicians check for leaks and repair any flaws that have developed in the system. They drain the brake oil and replace it with fresh fluid. Then they test the brakes and make sure everything is working properly before sending the driver back onto the road. Contact American Imports for an appointment to get the brake oil changed and any other routine maintenance that should be done.

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