Used, Pre-Owned or Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar For Sale: The Basics

by | May 29, 2023 | Automotive Repair Shop

When looking to purchase an older model car, different terms are employed by private sellers and dealerships alike. These are descriptive and categorize the vehicles they sell. They are not complicated but can be confusing. Below is provided a look at the concepts used in the marketing of a used, pre-owned or certified pre-owned Jaguar for sale.

Used Jaguar

This is the most common term used when indicating the car is not new. It indicates a car has had one or more owners before you purchased it. It is a term that implies a risk is being taken. The term is also sometimes used as a pejorative.

Pre-Owned Jaguar

A pre-owned vehicle is a used one. However, the connotation behind the word when applied to a Jaguar or other vehicle is of a car “gently” or “slightly” used. This can be misleading.

Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar

For sale by dealerships across America, including lots in Philadelphia, the certified pre-owned vehicle is considered the better option. When buying a used car, it is always best to have some form of solid guarantee or recourse if things go slightly or horribly wrong. If a major issue occurs, the owner is in a better position if the vehicle is certified.

A certified-pre-owned Jaguar has undergone a thorough inspection by dedicated Jaguar technicians. The inspection covers 165 points that range from the paint to the electrical and mechanical. To further reduce the risk, every certified pre-owned Jaguar for sale by a dealership comes with a limited warranty.

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