Tips on How to Negotiate the Best Car Price with Ford Dealers, and Win

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Autos

Car buying requires some bargaining skills. Negotiating is the best way to buy your dream car for the lowest possible price. But let’s face it—many smart Ford dealers already price their vehicles fairly, so the odds of negotiating for an even lower price are quite slim. This simple guide can help you gain the upper hand.

Ask and leave

Experienced car buyers don’t negotiate right away. They make a list of at least eight different trusted dealerships in Indiana, check out each of them, ask for the price of the car they want, and take off. They don’t stick around for too long and talk about price until they have a foolproof strategy. Keep in mind that car dealers face buyers like you every day. They are well-prepared and you should be, too.

Beware of the demo car

There’s a good chance you will encounter a dealership whose offer for the same brand and model stands out for being suspiciously low. The only explanation is that they are offering you the demo car. It’s the car the showroom staff uses to take customers for test drives. Demo cars usually have a mileage of around 50km before a dealership decides to sell them.

An honest Ford dealership in Southern Indiana will tell you upfront that it is a demo car. After all, there’s no reason to lie about it because it’s also a fair offer, considering it saves you money. The only time you should pull back is when the dealer offers a demo car to you for the same price as a brand new one.

Negotiate based on the lowest price

After studying the offer of each Ford dealership in and around Sellesburg, IN that you have on your list, take note of the lowest price. Visit each dealership, show them the lowest price, and ask how they can beat it. That marks the beginning of the negotiation. But it raises the question, “why didn’t you just go to the dealership that offers the lowest price?”

For experienced dealers, it’s self-explanatory—you are giving them a chance to sweeten their offer. It doesn’t necessarily mean they should lower their price, but perhaps add a few extra services in their package.

Compare extra charges

Sometimes, a buyer is too focused on finding the car with the lowest price that they forget about documentation fees. Some dealerships include this in the price tag, while others charge for documentation separately. It may seem a small fraction of the car’s price, but it could mean the difference between a good deal and a bad one.

Offer something in return

It might help lower the price if you offer to give back by promoting the Ford dealership near Jeffersonville, IN, on social media, especially if you have a substantial following. They are spending a lot of money on internet marketing, so they might be interested. You can also promise to get your car serviced at their shop regularly to bring them extra income in the future.

Get the detail in writing

Once the Ford dealership near Charlestown, IN, agrees to your terms, get it in writing. Read the contract carefully to ensure it includes everything you agreed on before affixing your signature. Watch out for jargons. If there are terms you don’t understand and might be interpreted differently, consult with an expert.

Knowledge is power when it comes to buying a car and negotiating for the best price. Take the time to do due diligence before heading out and shopping around for an affordable vehicle. Check out Jim O’neal Ford for more helpful car buying tips.

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