Three Signs That You Might Need an Idler Pulley Tensioner Today

A drive belt tensioner, also known as an idler pulley tensioner, is a mechanism that keeps your drive belt tight on your car. It can temporarily incapacitate your vehicle if you leave the problem unresolved. These are some signs that you need to see someone about that part as quickly as possible:

Sqeaking Noise Coming From the Belt

One of the first signs that you might notice if you need an idler pulley tensioner is that your belt squeaks or make strange noises. You’ll be able to hear these noises when you drive, and you’ll know that something is amiss with the belt system.

Unusual Belt Wear

You may also notice unusual wear on your belt. That can happen when there isn’t enough tension being placed on the belt. A quick visual inspection will reveal to you that something is wrong, and you’ll need to tend to it right away.

Loss of Important Accessories

If you need this particular part, you may notice that some of your accessories stop working. For example, you might have issues with your water pump, alternator or something else that the belt drives. Problems with these important accessories can cost you a lot of money and give you a world of problems.

You should act quickly if you notice any of the above-mentioned problems going on in your vehicle. You’ll need to find a reliable part quickly so that you can salvage the life of your vehicle.

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