Three Signs You Need Brake Service in Carmel, IN

The brakes of a vehicle are one of its most important parts. Without working brakes, a driver can be in grave danger. There is no set lifespan for brakes because there are many factors involved in how quickly the pads wear down. Some drivers may find they drive as long as 70,000 miles before needing new brake pads while others may need them after only 20,000 miles. It is imperative a person is able to recognize the signs of brake issues, so they will know when to take their vehicle in for Brake Service in Carmel IN.

If these signs are occurring, a vehicle owner needs to seek service:

* One of the first things a driver can do to determine if they need new brake pads is to visually check them. Looking through the rim spaces will allow an owner to see how much pad is left on their brakes. If there is less than a 1/4 inch of the pad, it is time for Brake Service in Carmel IN. There needs to be ample pad on the brakes, or the stopping ability will be greatly reduced. If the pad becomes too thin, rotor damage can begin to occur which can further increase the expense of repairs.

* Should a vehicle owner begin noticing a high-pitched squealing sound when they are applying their brakes, this is a sign the pads need to be replaced. This sound is caused by the indicator that warns a driver their pads are getting too worn down. Once the pad becomes too low, a scrubbing sound can be heard, and this often means the rotor is being damaged.

* When the brakes of a vehicle need to be serviced, the brake pedal will often seem slacker and will sometimes need to be pressed all the way to the floor to get the brakes to respond. If this issue is occurring, an owner needs to seek immediate service before their brakes go out entirely.

If your vehicle is exhibiting any of these brake warning signs, Call us now. With prompt service, you can rest assured your brakes will be working as they should so you will be safe while driving.

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