Things To Check On A Used Volkswagen In Philadelphia

You are likely considering a used Volkswagen in Philadelphia because you are looking for something refined and upscale for its class. Volkswagens feature a nice interior, a comfortable ride, and dependable functionality. While you are shopping for your used Volkswagen, there are a couple of things that you want to be sure to check before any money changes hands.

Service Records

The first thing that you need to know about a used Volkswagen in Philadelphia is how the car was treated by its previous owners. Specifically, you will need to know if the vehicle received oil changes at regular intervals and the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

You want to make certain that the engine received proper care with timely oil changes, filter replacements, spark plug changes, etc. If the care took place in a dealer setting, it is all the better because you can rest assured that factory-specific fluids and parts were used in the maintenance.

Intake Valve

Another major thing that you will need to check out on a used Volkswagen in Philadelphia is the intake valve. Newer model Volkswagens, like most modern vehicles, feature a direct-injected engine. As these engines age, they become susceptible to gunk deposits in the intake valve.

In a regular engine, the spray action of the fuel injectors washes away deposits. In a direct-inject engine, the position of the fuel injector eliminates this effect and allows the build-up of gunk on the intake valve.

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