The Versatile Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover is known for its off-road exploits. The Land Rover Discovery is the company’s family version. Since 1989, this SUV has been taking families on urban and rural adventures. From the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada, families not only travel but also do so in style.

The Pros

This series of premium crossover SUVs bases its love of off-track trips on its adventurous “parent” – the Land Rover. With the Land Rover Discovery in Philadelphia, owners can keep on exploring even if they have a family.
The latest LR Discovery provide drivers and passengers with an excellent combination of comfort and capabilities boasting the following characteristics:

• Driving Capabilities: Handles off-road terrain easily and smoothly
• Interior: Luxurious and comfortable, it takes you where you want to go in style
• Seating: Has three rows of seats, therefore sitting seven
• Infotainment System: Provides occupants with the latest technology to help occupy minds on long treks. The 2022 version features Pivi Pro
• Exterior: Stylish is the word that comes to mind about the design and presentation
Add to this a strong towing capacity and you can see why the LR Discovery lives up to its name.

Owning a Land Rover Discovery

If you are looking for a capable and versatile family vehicle, consider the LR Discovery. Not only can it handle the mundane driving of everyday life, but it is also primed to take you on adventures across America. From Philadelphia to Anchorage and back again, it takes you there safely and comfortably.

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