The Process Behind Programming Today’s Electronic Vehicle Keys

Today, it’s not uncommon to find an electronic key for certain objects. In the auto world, these keys are commonly used to allow access into modern vehicles. However this technology was not always around. These keys we’re first released around the year 1990. Since then, electronic vehicle keys have come a long way. Find out how these keys are programmed to work with a particular vehicle.

It’s Not Totally Complicated

You might figure that it takes a long time to program a key fob. In fact, it’s pretty quick. An experienced programmer can get the job done in a half-hour. These electronic keys, or transponder keys as they are known, work in the same way as a traditional key. They are made to go with one specific vehicle. In a sense, it is even harder for a thief to break into cars using electronic keys. This is because there is no way of knowing which car matches with a key.

The Main Steps to Programming a Key

Before a key programmed, one has to enter the vehicle the old-fashioned way. First the key is inserted into the lock and then it is put into the ignition. The key is then turned slightly so that the car is in the on position. Most vehicles will require that the key stay in this position for 30 seconds or so. After this, the key is turned it back to the off position, and then quickly moved back to the on position for several minutes.

Interestingly, this is not the end of it. After the key is returned to the position, it is turned off once again. It is then moved back to the on position one last time. As with the previous step, the key is left in the new position for approximately ten minutes.

Wrapping Up Key Programming

These are the main steps used in key programming. However, there is a lot more to it behind the scenes. These keys involve complicated circuitry and software as well. Car manufacturers in North America dedicate entire teams to design and build these keys. In the end, it gives a driver a high degree of convenience.

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