The Law Behind Auto Glass Window Tinting in Loma Linda CA

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Automotive

Some drivers believe that window tint keeps the inside of a car cooler, while others use it for aesthetic reasons. In some instances, passengers or drivers may have a medical reason for tinting a car’s windows, even when the level of tint may violate state law. Regardless of a person’s reason for wanting Auto Glass Window Tinting in Loma Linda CA, they should familiarize themselves with local window tint laws and exemptions.

The Basics of Window Tint

In a practical sense, window tinting is a method of preventing light from coming through the windows and windshield of a vehicle. Most vehicles’ safety glass has been treated to keep UV rays out, and the tinting is usually in compliance with state and federal law. However, aftermarket window tinting is a gray area, and in many cases, violations may occur.

Laws About Window Tinting

Car window tinting is typically governed by state law, and statutes are usually found in state traffic codes. The state vehicle code may consider tinting to include:

  *    Heat shrinking tinted film to a window or windshield

  *    Shade bands, which are thin tinted strips at the top of the windshield

  *    Sunscreen devices temporarily affixed to a window on the inside

Most state window tinting laws are concerned with light transmittance, or how much light gets through. If a vehicle’s windows are tinted to allow less light than allowed by state codes, the vehicle owner will receive a citation. Requirements often differ for windshields, rear and side windows, and windows may not contain mirrored or one-way materials.

Medical Necessity

Many state tinting laws include exemptions for those with legitimate vision-related or medical conditions that require limited sun exposure. Examples of such conditions include sun allergies, lupus, photo-sensitivity, and melanoma. To avoid a ticket, the passenger or driver must provide documentation identifying the necessity. The document can be a prescription or a letter from a doctor, and it must contain a duration or expiration date.

Contact an Attorney for Help With Window Tint Laws

Whether one needs Auto Glass Window Tinting in Loma Linda CA for health reasons or they want it for looks, they should understand state law before having any work done. If the driver’s situation is complex, they may want to consult an attorney like Corbin T. Volluz, who handles traffic law cases.

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