The Best Times To Buy A RAM 1500 For Sale

Buying a new Dodge RAM 1500 is an exciting time. There are options and features to consider, different trim levels, and even a choice of colors for the interior and exterior of the truck.

Anyone in Wichita, KS considering a RAM 1500 for sale is trying to get the best possible price. For savvy truck buyers, there are few critical times of the year when these trucks are priced to sell. This is true for both new and pre-owned vehicles on the lot, with high trade-in times always the best options in negotiating a top price at the dealership.

Special Promotions and Sales Events

Various Dodge dealerships around Wichita, KS, will offer both manufacturer’s sales and incentives as well as their own promotions. For those looking for a new or pre-owned RAM 1500 for sale in Wichita, KS, keeping an eye on the website for sales information is an easy first step.
Dodge sales events and other promotions offered by the manufacturer are held regularly throughout the year, providing the option to pick up a great truck at a reduced price.

End of the Year

During the transition between the current year and the new year models on the lot, the new, certified pre-owned and the used options in a RAM 1500 for sale in Wichita, KS drop in price. Taking advantage of this time to buy can save thousands of dollars but still have all the latest in features.

Used vehicles on the lot, including certified pre-owned trucks, may also be reduced in price as current owners trade in older models for the latest in features and options.

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