Signs it is Time to Invest in New Tires Tulsa

According to the NHTSA, tire failure results in almost 11,000 vehicle accidents each year. However, if drivers are diligent and check and maintain their Tires Tulsa, this number can be reduced. The good news is, drivers, don’t have to wait for a complete blowout to know they need new tires. There are a few tell-tale signs they can watch for.

Cracks, Gouges or Bulges

After a tire deflates, it will begin to bulge at the sides. This is typically an indication of tire pressure that is too low or the signs of an air leak. When any type of cracks in the sidewall, gouges or anything else that appears odd on the tire is seen, the driver should take the vehicle in for repairs.

Tread Wear

One of the best and most effective ways for a driver to determine whether or not they need new Tires in Tulsa is with the penny test. Put a penny into the tread of the tire. Make sure that Lincoln’s head is pointing down. If the driver can still see the top of the president’s head, then the tread is too low. Modern tires are made with wear bars, which indicate it is time to replace them, but if these aren’t present, the penny test is a great way to determine.

Tire Pressure

The tires on every vehicle are going to deflate. The average rate of deflation is about one pound per square inch every month. No one is going to wear their tires down in a single month. However, they should check the tires regularly to ensure they have the right amount of pressure present.


When it is extremely cold outside, the tire pressure is going to drop. In the summer, the challenge is excessive heat building up in the tire. If a driver has plans to head out on a road trip with a tire that is underinflated, it is going to generate even more heat, causing it to wear out sooner.

When it comes to tires, there is no reason to take chances. Most mechanic shops can provide a quick check for a driver’s tires, as needed. For more information, drivers can visit the website or they can contact the staff at Tate Boys Tire & Service to have their questions answered.

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