Signs That a Vehicle Needs Alternator Repairs in Tempe, AZ

Often, when a car’s alternator fails, the owner doesn’t know it right away because the electrical system switches over to the battery for power. This can result in the car being driven until the battery is almost drained and the vehicle gradually comes to a halt. Now it’s time to see about Alternator Repairs in Tempe AZ.

The Alternator and the Battery

The alternator’s main purpose is to keep the battery charged while the vehicle is running, as the use of various electrical components would drain it of power otherwise. Batteries even lose some of their charge whenever the car isn’t running, but this normally isn’t a problem unless the device is several years old and the vehicle sits for several months.

Cold temperatures also interfere with the battery’s ability to maintain its charge. If someone having no trouble with the battery in the Phoenix area goes up to Flagstaff for the weekend to ski, that person may not be able to start the car in the morning even if there had been no problems with the alternator.


In some cases, the serpentine belt might start to squeal when the alternator malfunctions, especially if the driver turns on the headlights. After traveling for a distance, the driver starts to notice that the radio is getting quieter or the lights are dimmer. Those are signs of the battery losing power.

Repair and Replacement

The concept of Alternator Repairs in Tempe AZ often is a misnomer, as mechanics commonly replace the device instead of repairing it. In most vehicles, removal and replacement are easy, and the part costs more than the labor. That’s the opposite of how auto repair usually works. However, in some cases, worn brushings and the regulator can be replaced at a garage such as Dynamic Imports to get the alternator back into good working condition.

If the device is replaced instead of repaired, the old alternator may be sent to a facility where mechanics rebuild it. Installing rebuilt and remanufactured alternators for replacement of defective ones is a relatively common practice since they function like new ones and save the vehicle owner a significant amount of money.

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