A Short History of Ford Trucks

In 1928, Ford began manufacturing heavy trucks. By the late 1940s, platforms were built up to three tons. Ford has expanded its range to include trucks in every weight class, from light to medium-service to heavy industry over the years.

When War Came

During the Second World War, Ford became a major contributor to the war effort by using the company’s resources to build materials related to the war. The company did not thrive during these years and was in partial financial ruin when Henry Ford II, the grandson of the company founder, took over the business. That’s when they introduced the pickup that would become a classic. Beginning in 1948, the F-Series truck became the vehicle that would transform the Ford Motor Company. At first it was named F-1 in the popular format of 1/2 tons. The name was changed in 1953 by adding “00” to the end of the model name. Thus, the F-1 was dubbed the F-100 and that naming convention continues to this day.

Many Types of Trucks

While it is the F series trucks for which Ford is best known, Ford Motor Company has built many vehicles that fall under the category of “trucks” over the years. In addition to medium and heavy trucks, Ford has produced panel and sedan delivery wagons, the Rancho car / pick up, passenger and full-size cargo vans, and immensely popular minivans and SUVs. While the Fords F series trucks have changed over the years, Ford focuses on building a better and better truck, and that dedication remains unchanged. Each new generation has proven to be of better quality and more capable than the previous generation. A dedication to improvement and quality is what Ford truck enthusiasts expect and the new generation of Ford delivers.

Go See for Yourself

Take a ride in a new Ford F150 in Barrington, and you be the judge. Can anyone possibly disagree with the legacy left by Henry Ford, one of the greatest businessmen and thinkers in American history? The Ford F-150 continues to be the most popular truck in America year in and year out. They sell faster than they can make them and people can not say enough great things about them. The new Ford trucks have all the qualities and features that we expect from Ford. The slogan is “Built Ford Tough”, and when someone is behind the wheel of this piece of American machinery they understand why. Contact Arlington Heights Ford at www.ahford.net for more details.

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