Rules to follow When Repairing Classic Auto A/C in Conroe

Getting classic Auto A/C Conroe running right can be difficult. In many cases, when drivers replace parts on older cars, the air conditioner will work for a while, but not for long. Click here for a list of rules to follow in auto AC repair. Following these rules will reduce the chances of failure.

Don’t go the DIY Route

Many classic owners like doing their own repairs, as it’s part of the vintage auto experience. However, AC repairs are complicated because of the refrigerant used, and they are best left to the professionals. Most enthusiasts don’t have the right equipment to do the job, but an auto AC repair center can recover and recycle refrigerant before replacing the compressor, condenser, or other parts.

Start With the Drier

The AC’s receiver drier is sometimes referred to as an accumulator. Inside the accumulator is a desiccant bag that removes moisture from the refrigerant as it circulates. Moisture can severely damage the AC’s internal components. It can freeze inside lines and corrode components such as expansion valves and the compressor. Some shops skip drier replacement to cut costs, but that’s a bad idea, especially during the humid months of summer. The desiccant can quickly become saturated when exposed, and a good shop will replace the drier any time the system is opened for a prolonged period.

Vacuum the System

AC service centers have vacuum pumps to recover refrigerant and to remove air and moisture after components are replaced. Water vapor dissipates with negative pressure, and the vacuum should be applied at a certain pressure for at least a half-hour before the system is recharged. Doing this procedure properly will remove moisture and air, and it can also ensure there aren’t any leaks in hoses, fittings, and O-rings.

Install Enough Refrigerant

A vital factor in proper AC cooling is the amount of refrigerant installed. Manufacturers calculate recommended amounts very precisely, and when a refrigerant is added before the amount within is measured, serious compressor damage can result. A repair tech can monitor high and low side pressure to determine how much to add, if any.

Owning a classic car is fun, but AC repairs usually aren’t, especially if the driver does the work at home. Improper repairs and failure to follow the rules listed above can cause serious issues. Save time, hassle and money by getting classic Auto A/C Conroe service or repairs done at Discount Brake & Auto Repair.

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