Our Ultimate Automotive Center for Tires That Johnston, IA, Can Count On!

Ultimate Automotive Center offers you the most extensive vehicle repair, maintenance, and towing services in Johnston, IA, and surrounding areas.

Computer Diagnostic

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and skilled technicians that can detect a variety of computer issues, including issues with timing, crankshaft or camshaft, coolant and heat, RPM levels, sludge detection, and engine, chassis, and transmissions.

Engines and Transmissions

Because engine or transmission overhauls can be one of the costliest auto repairs, we work with you to suggest preventative maintenance to your vehicle, including inspection of all seals, gaskets, valves, bearings, rings, and valves when wear could lead to a significant repair. If the removal and disassembling of your engine are unavoidable, we work with you to make it the most cost-efficient and convenient experience that we can.


We offer comprehensive brake maintenance and repair. Our technicians will inspect your vehicle’s brake system, including the traction control system, brake shoes and pads, brake fluid levels, rotors, and then replace any worn items to restore your brake system to its safest levels.


We stock all the top brands for you, including Michelin, Bridgestone, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, Continental, and Kumho among many others. We have the most comprehensive service for tires in Johnston, IA, could offer, including remounting, rim replacement, tire rotation, flat and valve-stem repair, and repacking and replacing bearings.


We can help with roadside assistance seven days a week. We have our expert mechanic on duty at your disposal for everything from fixing a flat tire, jumpstarts, and even lockouts as well as breakdowns.

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At Ultimate Automotive Center, we are efficient and always professional when servicing you.

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