Most Common Auto Repair Services in Chicago

Automobiles are complex machines, which means a number of different things can go wrong. However, the need for some auto repair services in Chicago seem to be more common than others.

Brake Repair

Among the most common auto repairs are those that relate to the brake system. Brake pad wear and tear will need to be addressed several times over the life of the vehicle.

A simple brake pad replacement is moderately priced. On the other hand, if the issue is with the rotor, drum, or disc, then the bill for the repair will be considerably higher. Unless brake lines are somehow cut, there is little need for repair.

Radiator and Cooling System

Occasionally, the radiator and cooling system will need to be flushed. The cost of auto repair services in Chicago that fall into this category will vary depending on the problem.


A common issue with motor vehicles is the need for a tire patch or replacement. Tires may leak or fail completely for several reasons. A sharp object or a split in the sidewall are the most frequent causes for tire issues. Small repairs are relatively inexpensive, yet replacement can be costly.

Battery, Ignition, and Starter

The ignition system is a common area in need of auto repair services in Chicago. Battery charging and repair are pretty simple. The cost to replace a battery varies greatly. A starter that needs repair or replacement is quite expensive.

Electrical System

A problem with the electrical system can be a simple busted lamp bulb or blown fuse. However, the problem could also be quite serious. Replacing a fuse may be done at home. Serious electrical issues are best left for trained professionals to handle.


Finally, one of the most complicated and expensive auto repair services in Chicago is the transmission. Again, this is a repair that is best left up to a professional. For more information about these services contact Bucaro Brothers Auto Care.

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