Lincoln Car Dealers Answer Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Auto

Shopping for your very first vehicle can be a daunting and overwhelming task. After all, there’s too many things to consider aside from make, model, and cost of a vehicle. You need to consider the features (should you go for standard or premium package?), financing options (buy outright or get an auto loan?), and insurance (should you get it from the dealer or should you opt for a third party insurer?). Since buying a car is not cheap, you want to pick the best auto deal that you can get.

I asked several Lincoln car dealerships near me to compile the best answers to the most frequently asked questions when buying a car. These questions are often asked, not only by first-time car buyers, but those who are shopping for their second car but are still confused on some of the more pertinent details.

Do I need to buy a brand new car or a pre-owned one?

This is really one of the first questions often asked by car shoppers. Of course, buying a brand new car trumps purchasing a used vehicle any day of the week. However, Lincoln car dealers near Covington LA agree that slightly used cars (at least, those that were released in the last decade) are still a decent investment.

If you value modern safety features like blind-spot warning, brake assist, and pedestrian detection than a fresh set of shiny wheels, then you should consider buying pre-owned vehicles. Just make sure that you are dealing with a licensed used car dealer to reduce the possibility of purchasing a problematic old auto (i.e. one that needs more repairs than what it’s worth). Some used car dealers offer “factory-certified” and better warranties. You can also try contacting your local consumer protection agency to learn more about the dealer.

Which is better: paying in cash or getting financing?

Generally speaking, you want to pay for your vehicle outright. However, this can seriously limit options because you will be restricted to a certain budget.

For most, getting an auto loan is preferable because the overall cost is broken down into ‘affordable’ monthly payments. This allows you to pick a more expensive but better quality model. Unfortunately, if you choose incorrectly, this can open a whole slew of financial problems should you ultimately wind up paying for a car that you cannot really afford.

The best thing to do is to compute the overall cost of car (plus interest rates, insurance premiums, and other charges). After which, structure your loan on what you can afford to pay on a monthly basis. Remember, cars depreciate as time passes, so think about it carefully. Are you still willing to pay the same monthly payment for something that constantly lowers in value?

How much features do I need for my newly purchased car?

The exciting thing about vehicles that were released in the past decade is that they offer all kinds of new technology that will make your drive smooth and comfortable. As much as possible, get a car with safety technology like the driver-assist, lane-departure warnings, and crash-mitigation technologies as these might save your life. For the rest, like infotainment, just get what you truly want. Some people don’t even like listening to music while driving as it “distracts” them. Be selective with your add-ons. You really don’t want to pay for something that you will never use.

Have more questions? Check out a Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in the New Orleans LA area.

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