Keeping your Roads Safe with Technology

New cars are safer than older models. There is technology in cars today that prevent accidents and that reduce the impact when accidents occur. You can look back and see how much has changed; 50 years ago you were lucky to have a lap belt. Today, you have automation systems, sensors, and sophisticated airbag systems all working to keep you safe. With the rising numbers of cars on the road, it is important that car manufacturers do what they can to keep the roads safe.

Automation Systems

The most common form of automation seen in cars is cruise control. Driving on the freeway is so much simpler now that you can set it to 60 mph and just cruise. New features available in some cars now can automatically adjust your cruise control speed if traffic slows down in front of you. Sudden slowing of traffic is the cause of a large number of vehicle accidents every year. This feature reduces that risk and keeps everyone safer.


Traction control is now available on most cars. A VW dealer in Plainfield can show you how much that feature can improve handling. This is especially important in winter storms and poor road conditions. It works by sensing when a wheel loses traction with the road and adjusts the power to that wheel accordingly.

Other sensors included in cars today include cross-traffic alerts, lane departure warnings, and blind spot monitoring. These all help deal with one of the biggest risks of driving, human error. These advancements allow your car to make you a better driver.


Introduced in the 70’s airbags have improved the likelihood of survival in the event of an accident. They were first installed just in the steering wheel and front dashboard. Newer vehicles come equipped with multiple airbags designed to absorb impact from all different directions. Some recent models come equipped with as many as fifteen airbags throughout the vehicle.

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