It’s November—the Best Time to Buy a New Kia in Santa Fe, NM

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Auto

You finally made it! You’ve saved enough money, and now you’re ready to buy a new car. But don’t get too excited just yet. Keep in mind that there’s more to buying a car than going to a dealership and shopping for your favorite make and model. You should also know whether or not it’s a good time to make a purchase. If you ask any expert in premium brands like Kia at Santa Fe, NM, they’ll probably tell you that November is the best time to buy a car. Here’s why.

Some of the Best Deals Are in November

The peak season normally ends in November for most car dealerships. That’s because the majority of consumers start getting ready for the holidays during this time. As the focus shifts to Christmas shopping, car sales also tend to decline. But car dealerships selling Kia in Santa Fe, NM won’t give up easily. They will do their best to keep the consumers hyped up about their products by offering discounts and promos. Furthermore, car dealerships that haven’t met their target sales yet are in a rush at this time of year, so expect smoother and faster negotiation.

Dealerships Are Making Room for New Models

Car manufacturers usually release their new models at the beginning of the year, and consumers who know this tend to ignore the old models currently on display in dealership showrooms. This is why dealerships are forced to offer a clearance sale to ensure their showroom is ready for the new arrivals. This type of sale doesn’t happen all year round. It’s worth waiting for November

Prices Drop During Special Days in Fall

We all know it. Businesses of all sorts indulge consumers in a splurge of discounts and promos during Black Friday, Veterans Day, and even Thanksgiving. They know we’re looking forward to shopping around for bargains. Guess what—even car dealerships don’t miss out on this annual tradition. They, too, bring out their best offer. If you’re lucky, you can buy the car make and model you want for half its price compared to several months ago. It’s just a matter of looking for the right dealership and proper timing.

Not Just Any Day in November but Early in the Week

We’ve already established that November is the best time of year to buy a car, but what day exactly? Surely good opportunities don’t happen every day, so you still need to know at what time or day you should visit the dealership. Car dealers advise buying early in the week as dealerships are relatively quiet and empty. If you buy during the weekend, chances are you’ll be greeted by a crowd and you have to queue to be served. The last thing you want is to be accommodated by a distracted salesperson.

Buying a car is undoubtedly a complicated process. It takes patience and knowledge to find the best deal out there. Proper timing is also necessary and can save you a significant amount of money. The best part is you can buy a brand new unit for almost the price of a certified pre-owned. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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