It’s Generally Okay to Switch Between Synthetic and Conventional Products During Oil Changes in Davenport IA

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Auto

Many people believe a vehicle that runs on regular oil can never be switched to synthetic, and that switching from synthetic to regular oil also cannot be done. Some even think they cannot switch from one brand to another because of minute differences between brands. These are misconceptions that an automotive technician who performs Oil Changes in Davenport IA can dispel and explain why they are not true.

Synthetic Product Advantages

Most vehicle owners still use conventional oil because it’s somewhat cheaper than synthetic options. The experts advise people to make the switch if they can afford it because the synthetic products offer certain advantages. Synthetic oil keeps the engine cleaner and is better at preventing wear. It works better at extreme temperatures and also provides better gas mileage. Many manufacturers distribute their new passenger vehicles with synthetic oil and encourage the buyers to stick with this product.

Making the Switch

Synthetic oil actually is a blend of synthetic and regular oil. A vehicle owner who has been using conventional oil all along can request a switch to the synthetic product when scheduling Oil Changes in Lansing MI. If the customer has been using synthetic products and now is very short on cash, changing to conventional oil for a few cycles is acceptable.

Older passenger cars and pickup trucks can use synthetic oil even though many people have been told by well-meaning friends or relatives that this isn’t true. Only a very limited number of models under the Mazda brand should not run on synthetic oil.

Mixing Oils

If the vehicle leaks a bit of oil between services at a repair shop such as Bi-State Auto Service Center, it’s best to top off the container with the type of oil already in use. That maintains the consistent attributes of the product.

However, if there’s no exact match on hand, it’s okay to add a different kind of oil that’s suitable for the particular vehicle. This is significantly better than driving around with the level lower than recommended. Adding a different brand, viscosity, or type of oil will not harm the vehicle.

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