The Importance of the Right Products From a Farming Industry Tire Dealer in St. George, UT

Concern about improving farming practices to benefit the environment might seem impractical, but one only has to look back to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s to understand how crucial this can be. Landowners in the early part of the 1930s did not understand how to prevent wind erosion and, when severe drought took hold, topsoil simply blew away. A farming industry tire dealer in St. George UT sells equipment that works on sound environmental principles for agriculture. These tire dealers accomplish this while also assisting agriculture professionals in the ability to earn a living doing what they enjoy and having the rewarding task of providing food for the nation and even the world.

People working in agriculture and those working in research and development learned that the manufacture of tires could be modified to help prevent erosion. This has become particularly important as agricultural equipment has become significantly heavier than it was decades ago. The heavier the tractors and other equipment, the more damage to soil can occur. In addition, certain kinds of tires can compact the soil to an undesirable degree. It might seem that soil compaction would reduce erosion, but the opposite is true because that packed earth does not allow water to filter through. People who have never worked on a farm may not realize that one tractor tire can weigh some 600 lbs. A Farming Industry Tire Dealer in St. George UT supplies tires in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and weights.

The right kinds of tires can enhance the performance of farm equipment. As with any other tires, vehicle owners must periodically check the inflation level and the wear to make sure everything is in good working order. An underinflated tire will wear out more quickly and an overinflated tire wears unevenly. Also, overinflated tires can create ruts in the earth that must be smoothed out later. These are not situations a farmer wants to have happen, yet research indicates that less than half of farm equipment tires are at a proper inflation level. Products and information are available from a dealer such as CMC Tire. Check out to learn more.

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